GBI investigates after a Houston County deputy shot and killed a Bonaire man

The GBI is investigating after a man was shot to death by a Houston County sheriff’s deputy Monday evening.

A woman called 911 just after 5 p.m. to report her husband wasn’t letting her leave the house.

She wanted to take a trip up to Tennessee and visit with some friends for her birthday, neighbors told The Telegraph.

GBI Special Agent JT Ricketson said her husband had slashed three of her car’s tires so she couldn’t go.

A deputy who answered the 911 call about 5:30 p.m. told the GBI that the woman and her husband were outside the house when he pulled up in the 400 block of Green Island Road, which is in the Hampton Meadows subdivision off Ga. 96.

Ricketson said the deputy and the woman’s husband “had a conversation” while she went inside to pack some belongings.

“The deputy was speaking with the subject out in the front yard when he suddenly turned around and walked inside the house,” Ricketson said. “The deputy started after him. The subject turned around and had a gun in his hand and the deputy fired a couple of shots.”

The man died from at least one gunshot wound to the chest.

Tyia Clay and her best friend, Kansas Williams, didn’t hear the gunshots from next door. They were startled by someone frantically beating on the front door.

It was the woman next door. She was screaming. When Clay opened the door, the woman fell to her knees.

“She was telling us that the police shot her husband four times and she needs help,” Clay said.

Williams said she and Clay went to go see what was happening and saw the woman’s front door was wide open, her husband’s body was on the floor inside.

Williams said the deputy was standing over the man’s body and, upon seeing the two friends, he “kept telling us to go, go, go.”

“We were just trying to ask him if (the woman’s husband) was OK because his wife is at our house crying,” Clay said, adding that she was still unclear about what was happening.

The woman told the friends that she’d ran out the back door to their house when her husband followed her inside against the orders of the deputy.

“She was scared,” Williams said.

The pair of friends broadcasted the immediate aftermath on Facebook Live.

The couple had moved in recently. According to the Houston County Tax Assessor’s website, they bought the house two days before Christmas last year.

Ricketson said the couple was estranged. The man’s family lives out of state.

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