Teens had suicide pact, targeted 12-year-old as potential victim before killing friend, DA says

Dakota White
Dakota White

Two Houston County teenagers charged with killing 18-year-old Sam Poss had initially planned to kill a 12-year-old they knew.

And at one time, the two teens, Dakota White and Brandon Warren, also struck a suicide pact with each other.

Those and other details were part of a Thursday bond hearing for White at the Houston County Courthouse. He and Warren are charged with murder in the death of the Perry teen.

Superior Court Judge Edward Lukemire denied bond for White, saying he thought White posed a danger to himself and the community. Also, the judge said there was potential for White to tamper with evidence in the case should he be released from jail.

In arguing for a bond to be set, defense attorney Angie Coggins told Lukemire that White didn’t have a record, was not a flight risk and would not pose a risk to the community.

White did not speak during the hearing, which lasted about 10 minutes.

White and Warren, both 18, have been in jail since Oct. 20, about five days after Poss went missing.

During Thursday’s hearing, District Attorney George Hartwig said that after the teens planned to kill a 12-year-old, they decided not to do so and chose Poss as their victim. The teens wanted to know what it would feel like to kill someone, Hartwig told the judge.

They also discarded evidence after the killing, the district attorney said. He did not elaborate but said there might be other potential evidence that could be tampered with or destroyed should White be released.

After an extensive search for Poss in Perry, his body was found in a wooded area near Warren’s home on Brookwood Trail in the Lake Joy area. Poss had been strangled, suffocated and stabbed, according to an arrest warrant for the teens.

Poss’s parents thought he had been at White’s house repairing his computer, and then decided to walk home but never arrived.

The three teens knew each other from Perry High School, police have said. Poss was a 2016 Perry High graduate. White was enrolled until Feb. 12, 2015, and did not graduate. Warren was still enrolled at the school.

Hartwig said White is set to be formally arraigned at another hearing Jan. 4.

Friends, family and the neighborhood come together for a prayer vigil to remember Sam Poss on Oct. 20 at Ochlahatchee Ball Park in Perry. Poss, 18, was found dead Wednesday night after being missing since Saturday morning.

Staff writer Laura Corley contributed to this report.