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WITTENBERG: Time for new leadership to help Peach County fulfill potential

What is the deal with Peach County? I don’t understand the reluctance to take advantage of its attributes.

I understand there has been a war between the north and south ends of the county, but REALLY -- isn’t enough, enough?

The county suffers because of a lack of schools in the north end of the county. Yet the school board does nothing but ignore the plight of the people in the northern section of the county and don’t care to see the county’s population grow.

Additionally, do the county officials not see the revenue being lost because they will not extend Russell Parkway to Ga. 49?

The county could experience tremendous population growth and increase in tax revenues if somebody in the local governments would wake up.

Eventually, someone is going to build a large shopping complex near Interstate 75 and the county will raise millions in sales tax revenue, not to mention property taxes. While Warner Robins would have to provide the waste water treatment, Peach County would gain those property and sales tax dollars I just mentioned.

Can somebody get a grip on reality here? People in the county, you have to quit sending the same people to represent you. It is time for new visions and new leadership. The old viewpoints are gone with the wind and don’t have a place in the modern world.

The time for Peach County to grow and stop being their neighboring counties’ patsy is here. Let’s make it happen.

Increased population growth could mean a decrease in the millage rate as the new property tax revenue would generate the same tax dollars on a lower millage rate. Not only that, but the increase in population would give the county increased political power in Atlanta.

These aren’t pipe dreams. They are based in reality and need only someone to pick up the flag and carry it forward.

It is time. Let’s see Peach County take the lead in Middle Georgia and watch its citizens reap the benefits.