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BUZZELL: B-17 due to arrive in August at Museum of Aviation

Coming to the Museum of Aviation soon will be a main attraction long awaited. A vintage World War II B-17G “Flying Fortress” is due to arrive in August at a cost of $70,000. The restoration will be open to the public in the WWII Hangar. During the war, the Warner Robins Air Depot maintained and repaired B-17s. The aircraft was first produced by “B-V-D” companies: Boeing, Lockheed/Vega and Douglas. More than 12,000 were produced from 1936 to 1945, but only 45 remain today. The heavy bomber, which had a crew of 10, was built at an estimated cost of $238,329 and was present at Pearl Harbor and in every zone in WWII. The aircraft dropped more than 640,000 tons of bombs in Europe supporting the war effort and had a deadly reputation in Japan as “4-Engine Fighters.”

The National STEM Academy has announced its Sixth-12th Grade 2015-2016 Aeronautical Science Series will start Aug. 12 at the Museum of Aviation. Each class throughout the year builds upon the previous one, so it’s recommended that students attend all classes. The cost is $125 for the entire year. Class time is 9:30 a.m.-noon, and each student must attend Flight Simulation 1.0.

Dates and classes are Aug. 12 (Flight Simulation 1.0/Intro to Navigation), Sept. 9 (Flight Simulation 2.0/Bernoulli’s Principle), Oct. 7 ( Flight Simulation 3.0/Night Flight), Nov. 4 (Flight Simulation 4.0/Combat Assignment 1), Dec. 9 (Flight Simulation 5.0/Intro to Cessna), Jan. 6 (Flight Simulation 6.0/Instrument Landings), Feb. 10 ( Flight Simulation 7.0/Combat Assignment II), March 9 (topic to be determined) and April 6 (topic to be determined).

Students must pre-register with the Museum of Aviation National STEM Academy by visiting then click Education. Due to limited space for the series, full payment is due at the time of registration. For further information contact Valerie Myers at 478-922-7580 or emailing

Marsha Priest Buzzell is the director of the Warner Robins Convention & Visitors Bureau and may be contacted at 478-922-5100 or