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Mahle, Declan Henry, born June 7 to Jeremy and Monica (Taylor) Mahle of Macon.

Valles, Kingston Marcel, born June 7 to Yves and Dar (Battee) Valles of Warner Robins.

Arnold, Aria, born June 8 to Kevin and Nicole Arnold of Warner Robins.

Bloodworth, Blake William Ronald, born June 8 to Tyler and Alex (Welch) Bloodworth of Warner Robins.

Godwin, Kamryn Taylor, born June 8 to Ralph Godwin and Toni Dixon of Manchester.

Hamilton, Ariel Chanelle, born June 8 to Antwan and Davyia (Mathis) Hamilton of Warner Robins.

Lister, Steven Randle Jr., born June 8 to Steven and Brittany (Bennett) Lister of Macon.

Scott, Micah Amir, born June 8 to Monique Scott of Warner Robins.

Walsh, Andrew James, born June 8 to Brandon and Victoria (Pigg) Walsh of Kathleen.

Brown, Justin Avery, born June 9 to Joshua and Jessica (Jones) Brown of Warner Robins.

Dunbar, Mason Tyler, born June 9 to Danielle Wilder of Macon.

Lynn, Olivia Grace, born June 9 to Noel and Danielle (Grenade) Lynn of Byron.

Rogers, Aston Blaine, born June 9 to Marisa Rogers of Warner Robins.

Anthony, LeAuna Ann, born June 10 to Dresean and Kersti (Ross) Anthony of Macon.

Carter, Cash Cartier, born June 10 to Amandria Ragin and Darantae Carter of Warner Robins.

Herron, Morgan Lane, born June 10 to Robert and Michelle (Meadows) Herron of Byron.

Mancilla, Lydia Kathleen, born June 10 to Leobardo and Lauren (Brown) Mancilla of Warner Robins.

Trawick, Bentley Charles Christopher, born June 10 to Makayla Clifton and Christopher Trawick of Warner Robins.

Barnett, Clinton Myles, born June 11 to Caleb and Lorin (McKinney) Barnett of Hawkinsville.

Battle, Lucy Taylor, born June 11 to Jake and Kylee (Bowen) Battle of Byron.

Simmons, Barbara Le’Ann, born June 11 to Shernikka Todd and Tommy Simmons of Irwinton.

Situ, Emily Jacy, born June 11 to Yan Lu and Xiao Situ of Bonaire.

Smith, Colden Zeke, born June 11 to Chad and Carisa (Frachiseur) Smith of Warner Robins.

Williams, Waylon Thomas, born June 11 to Sarah Holloman and Mike Williams of Cochran.

Hayes, Jayden Lamar, born Jan 12 to Jessica Balfour and Justin Hayes of Warner Robins.

Porter, Taylor Lynn, born Jan. 12 to Travis and Alexandra (Romano) Porter of Warner Robins.

Randall, Robert Wyatt, born Jan. 12 to Stephen and Alexandra (Ryan) Randall of Warner Robins.

Barnes, William Douglas IV, born Jan. 13 to Nichole Veach and William Douglas Barnes III of Warner Robins.