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Chambers, Hunter Edward, born April 18 to Mitchell and Candis (Willis) Chambers of Kathleen.

Stepp, Gretchen Leola, born April 19 to Brandon and Tracy (Raymond) Stepp of Warner Robins.

Nelson, Da’Layzah Zy’Anne, born April 20 to Tangie Nelson of Warner Robins.

Slaughter, Kormora Ann’marie, born April 20 to Keisha Richmond and Korvan Slaughter of Warner Robins.

Haines, Hayloh Ann, born April 21 to Ashley Risacher and John Haines of Warner Robins.

Ogburn, Tristin Oy’von, born April 21 to Daneca Bunkley and Ocicle Ogburn of Warner Robins.

Eckles, Lake Garner, born April 22 to Grant and Erin (Ellis) Eckles of Hawkinsville.

Fister, Lyla Joy, born April 22 to Thomas and Holly (Long) Fister of Byron.

James, Collin Reid, born April 22 to Nicholas and Chasity (Tucker) James of Elko.

Lapina, Presley Lola, born April 22 to Benjamin and Jennifer (Hall) Lapina of Warner Robins.

Robinson, Mira Son, born April 22 to Leilani Owens of Warner Robins.

Solomon, Scarlett Gabrielle, born April 22 to Amanda Matthew and DeNorris Solomon of Warner Robins.

Sullivan, Liam Arlo, born April 23 to Alan and Lindsey (Hipple) Sullivan of Warner Robins.

Zammit, Kynlee Alayah, born April 23 to Mallory Young and Joseph Zammit of Warner Robins.

Walker, Kaiden Lamar, born April 25 to Rosa M. Davis and Larry Walker of Warner Robins.