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KENT: Too blessed to feel sad at youngest son’s graduation

I have been waiting and waiting. But I have yet to be sad.

Our youngest son, Scotty, walked across the stage at the Ag Center on Saturday and collected his diploma from Warner Robins High School. For the past few weeks, as we have participated in a series of lasts -- his last baseball game as a Demon, his last awards ceremony, his last call needing lunch money and his last fine for a missing book -- people keep asking me if I am sad.

No, not yet, I would reply.

It never crossed my mind to be sad when our oldest son graduated from high school. But with our baby graduating, it’s the end of an era at my house.

But I still haven’t shed any tears.

I will admit, I did cry when I dropped him off at kindergarten all those years ago. Those years before the first day of kindergarten, after his brother had gone to school, it had just been the two of us all day long. My day revolved around his lunch and his nap and his desire to play trucks or swing.

I came home to an empty house that morning with tears running down my face and the thought crossed my mind ... now what?

Of course, graduation isn’t the same as the first day of school, and his leaving this time won’t come until August. By then, I am sure that the “no I am not sad” feeling will have escalated into a full blown panic attack at my baby leaving me again.

But until then, I am content to reflect on the happy times and the joy that Scotty has brought us the past four years.

He has been a good boy in a day and age when good boys should be applauded. I am not saying he has been perfect -- not by a long shot. Sure, he wrecked his truck (twice) driving down a mud road he was told not to go on, his grades could have been better (almost everybody’s could be though) and he seems to be tardy a great deal -- “hello” the recording would start, “this is the attendance office at Warner Robins High School.”

But the joy has far outweighed the bad. He says “yes ma’am” and “no sir,” holds the door open for others and was given his football team’s sportsmanship award. The emails from his teachers always start with how much they enjoy having him in class. He has a lot of friends, has done a lot for others through Scouts and KAZ and is every day, a very happy person.

Some of this, his father and I can take credit for, a lot of it Coach Way and the football staff at WRHS can take credit for and some is just his personality I guess. But I believe the large amount of credit for my good boy that crossed the stage goes to God in heaven from whom all blessings flow.

So, no, I haven’t been sad yet. Scotty and God almighty have blessed me too much.