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Pastor recalls being called to start Deliverance Tabernacle

WARNER ROBINS -- Charles Ellington said he felt called to start a church in Warner Robins in 1982.

“I had moved to Macon in about 1969 from Bleckley County, from Cochran,” Ellington said. “I grew up part of a sharecropper family and had half a dozen brothers and half a dozen sisters. When I moved to Macon I joined a church, and in 1976 the lord called me to ministry. I worked with churches in Macon for several years then felt the lord laid it on my heart to start something in Warner Robins.”

Ellington said he found an inexpensive spot for the church on Manor Court in the Commercial Circle area of town.

He said it was a storefront right between an adult bookstore and a juke joint.

“The Lord blessed us at that location,” Ellington said. “My goodness, it was certainly a needy spot. We had people start attending the church from the community, but we also had some who wandered in off the street and found new life in Jesus. That was our joy then and now, seeing people come to the Lord.”

Ellington said the church eventually moved for several years to 300 Ferguson St., just off Elberta Road. Deliverance Tabernacle finally bought property and built its modern facility at the corner of Elberta and Dunbar roads.

“The Lord blessed us to be able to build this building and move here in 2005,” he said. “This makes our 10th year here and we’re still believing him for greater things. We’ve been able to begin a church back in Macon at 1689 Anthony Road. There’s a pastor there, but I’m overseer of both churches.”

Ellington said Deliverance Tabernacle is a non-denominational church that follows apostolic doctrine, believes the Bible is God’s word and believes all salvation is through Jesus Christ, the son of God.

“We believe in holiness,” he said. “Not only preaching holiness but living the life. We believe in the five-fold ministry mentioned in the Bible in Ephesians 5, and we believe to be genuinely born again you need the baptism of the Holy Ghost. We welcome all people to the church regardless of race, creed or color. Everyone is welcome at this church.”

With a variety of active ministries, Ellington highlighted the church’s family ministries.

“We do focus a lot on families,” he said. “They’re something the enemy fights hard against. He wants to bring division in the family structure which God created. The best place for teaching about family is in the church.”

But Ellington said preaching Jesus stands central to him regardless of any particular ministry or topic.

“Whatever topic I preach, I’ll end up talking about Jesus,” he said. “He’s the focus and I always hope at the final climax of a service someone will be touched and give their life to Christ. Jesus called sinners to repentance and that’s my purpose. We believe people everywhere need to know the love of God, and I feel obligated to do my part in sharing God’s word not only with Houston County but with the world. We’re trusting him to open more and more doors for us to do that.”