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Driver, Brantley Micah Vaughn, born April 8 to Angela Driver of Warner Robins.

Knighton, Emily Faith, born April 8 to Kevin and Valerie (Hudson) Knighton of Byron.

Perez, Cambrynn Lee, born April 8 to Justin and Kacey (Fricke) Perez of Warner Robins.

Thomas, Charika Antoinette, born April 9 to Erica Thomas and Antonio Brooks of Warner Robins.

Short, Ellayla Ella, born April 12 to Brianna Rogers of Butler.

Gordon, Eric James, born April 15 to Tim and Lucy (Kyles) Gordon of Bonaire.

Mansour, Warren Mitchell, born April 15 to William and Whittaker (Hartley) Mansour of Bonaire.

Mumford, A’Nya Rayel, born April 15 to Rashanik Mumford of Warner Robins.

Williams, Ja’Ceon Jarrod, born April 15 to Stephanie Williams of Warner Robins.

Bass, Austin Cameron Denahzhay, born April 16 to Shalandria Robinson and Cortney Bass of Fort Valley.

Sconyers, Skylar Lachlan Hall, born April 16 to Olivia Sconyers and Brandi Hall of Fort Valley.

Nottingham, Cassidy Nicole, born April 16 to Valicia Nottingham of Kathleen.

Perez, Gabriel Alejandro Lopez, born April 16 to Vivian Y. Perez-Borges and Victor M. Lopez-Fernandez of Warner Robins.

Sims, Colton Florian, born April 16 to William and Kayla (Morgart) Sims of Kathleen.

Spence, Beckett Richmond, born April 16 to Lane and Jennifer Rearden Spence of Kathleen.

Dickey, Khloe Michelle, born April 17 to Arionna O’Neill and Keldrick Dickey of Warner Robins.

Hoskinson, Abbigail Kate, born April 17 to Zachary and Amber (Clark) Hoskinson of Warner Robins.

Jones, Emma-Kate Elizabethe, born April 17 to Evan and Ashley (Hall) Jones of Perry.

King, Keaisa JaNae, born April 17 to Chinela Okosi and Calvin King of Warner Robins.

Knipp, Isabelle Marie, born April 17 to Nicholas and Amanda (Ochoa) Knipp of Warner Robins.

Shell, Charlee Nicole, born April 17 to Jonathan and Jeannie (Davis) Shell of Warner Robins.

Thomas, Mikayla Lanette, born April 17 to Micheal and Alyssa K. (Moore) Thomas of Warner Robins.