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Prayer event to be held in Warner Robins council chambers

WARNER ROBINS -- A community-wide prayer event will be May 7 in council chambers at the Homer J. Walker Municipal Complex (City Hall).

The prayer meeting is part of the 24th National Day of Prayer and is the 24th observance of the event in Warner Robins.

It will be from noon to 1 p.m. and organizers say all are welcome.

“Twenty-four years ago we believed the same thing we believe now: prayer is vital to our nation,” said Emily Dennis, an event organizer. “Everything, every endeavor, needs to be rooted and grounded in prayer and we as Christians need to pray for our country and our leaders.”

Dennis helped found the local observance in 1991 along with Joyce Hutcherson, the Warner Robins Ministerial Association and the Warner Robins chapter of Women’s Aglow, now Aglow International.

Since then, the ministerial association has disbanded but volunteers have kept the prayer effort alive.

One pastor who’s been instrumental in the prayer gathering through the years is Joe Senter of Evergreen Family Fellowship.

“I always enjoy participating in the National Day of Prayer because God said if we call on him he would answer,” Senter said. “That’s a pretty remarkable prospect. I know it accomplishes something. I know it’s worthwhile. It’s also exciting seeing churches, pastors and the community come together to pray. We gather not worried about competition or other concerns but in our common trust in God and a desire to see him work in society.”

Dennis said Senter will be one of many pastors and community members offering brief prayers during the hour-long event. She said they will pray for a variety of issues from government and business issues to social and family concerns.

“We chose our format of brief prayers years ago when the prayer meeting was broadcast live on radio,” Dennis said. “It’s worked well and we’ve stuck with it.”

Dennis said the community event is not the only opportunity to pray on May 7. “We certainly want people to come to city hall and join us, but there are other gatherings at churches and elsewhere that people can go to,” she said. “Whether people join us, with friends or in their own churches, we just want them to pray. That’s what’s important.”

Dennis said a national prayer service from Washington, D.C. will be streamed live online on the National Day of Prayer website. She said individuals can pray along with that event.

“We’ve been doing this for quite a few years and it’s no time to stop now,” she said. “I’m so grateful we have the freedom to gather in prayer and grateful for the people who’ve prayed and the prayers that have been prayed over the years. They’re life changing. We’ve also seen prayer groups--and pastor’s prayer groups--that have come about because of the day of prayer. I’m expecting great things this year because God is good. God is faithful.”

Dennis said the theme of this year’s day of prayer is Lord, Hear Our Prayer.

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