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Wittenberg: We must demand term limits for elected officials

How many times have you heard that what the people want is for the two parties to work together? Well, they do. It’s just that they aren’t working for you.

Have you also heard that if you want to know the truth “follow the money?” That will usually lead you to the end of the rainbow.

Have you noticed that once politicians reach office you can’t get them to leave? That if they were in the House of Representatives they might leave only to campaign for the Senate or a governor’s office?

Also, have you noticed that they always talk about serving the people? Now, there is a one-line joke that many of you have bought.

It’s time for a little sunshine to pierce the darkness. The typical elected officeholder only cares about getting re-elected. I bet I have received 1,000 requests for money for campaigns this year. Maybe you have, too?

If you want to have our elected officials work for you, you must demand term limits and demand them now.

I know you have been told, “You don’t need term limits, you can vote them out.” That is an officeholder’s lie. They know that more than 93 percent of incumbents will be re-elected. Why? They have access to all the big money from supporters of positions they have supported while in office, and those people want to see them remain in office.

Always follow the money. You can’t compete with the millions that come from labor unions or chambers of commerce.

So, while they are in office, they support those who will support them. Where do you stand in that equation? You don’t.

We must demand term limits on all elected officials whether federal, state or local.

How long should federal officeholders serve? I might suggest no more than 12 years, and then they don’t run for other offices until the end of the term of the people who replace them.

The bottom line is this. They don’t serve us, we serve them. We provide them with an excellent salary, office expenses, health care and retirement. We are the ones serving them. They have created two classes of people: the ruling class, aristocrats and the rest of us.

Wake up and smell the coffee. Term limits now. Live it, talk it and demand it now.

Of course, you can keep your mouth shut and let things continue as they have in the past. How has that been working for you?