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WR church to host men’s conference on temptation

WARNER ROBINS — Southside Baptist Church will host its annual men’s conference Friday and Saturday.

Johnny Hunt, president of the Southern Baptist Convention, will speak on the topic “Temptation Island.”

A Temptation Island men’s conference Hunt conducted in January 2009 at his home church, First Baptist Church of Woodstock, drew about 12,000 men, said Jim Law, executive pastor at the metro-Atlanta church.

Hunt has been pastor at the church since 1986.

The conference subject matter will be divided into three main sessions.

“Dr. Hunt will start off by explaining that as men we all live on Temptation Island,” Law said. “He will lay the groundwork that we are all in this together. Nobody is exempt from being tempted.”

Hunt next will cover preventative safeguards for living on Temptation Island, suggestions and ideas for when temptations arise, and then conclude with living obediently on Temptation Island.

“In the last session, he will show from the word of God, Scriptures that will help men live in obedience to Christ and keep those temptations from ruining lives,” Law said.

Along with temptations of the flesh, such as pornography, Hunt will cover pride and materialism.

“The results of temptation are that men don’t live in peace,” Law said. “They cause problems with wives and children, wreck lives and cause men to lose their joy.”

This year’s conference marks the seventh time Hunt has led the men’s conference at Southside.

“We just feel the need to reach men,” said Dennis Clark, an associate pastor at Southside. “We feel a need to help them walk in integrity at home, in the church and before the world.”

Clark said one of the purposes of the conference is to help men be better leaders.

“The church is only as strong as the homes that make them up,” he said. “With all the temptations in the world, men are being lured from their biblical responsibility of leading the home. We want to help men be better leaders, better husbands, better dads.”

Clark said the Bible’s concept of men’s leadership in home is a servant attitude.

“God’s design is that he serves his family. It is not an arrogant approach,” he said.

Friday’s activities start at 5:30 p.m. with dinner, and sessions will start at 7 p.m. Saturday morning’s sessions will get underway at 9 a.m. Registration, which is $45, is available by calling the church at 953-9388 or online at www.southside

Southside is located at 1040 South Houston Lake Road.

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