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Looking for what to see and do in Savannah

An opportunity to travel in Georgia finally has presented itself. Next week I will be going to Savannah for the weekend.

Savannah is a city I have wanted to see since reading about it in books — all but one of which I read years before I knew I would one day find myself living in Georgia. Most of the books were fictional, so I am not too sure which of the places mentioned in the books actually exist.

The trip is mainly with my husband’s work, but we are going to stay after the work part is over to see some of the city.

Since we do not know yet exactly how much time we will have, our options — for this trip at least — are limited.

Travel sites mainly show bed and breakfasts, and that is something we will not need since we will be staying in a hotel.

Plus, a lot of travel sites only mention a restaurant, attraction, shop or tour if that place pays the Web site.

That is why I am asking anyone who has been to Savannah to help me find the best of the must-sees.

Something I have always been interested in is Southern architecture. As an old city, Savannah should have houses and buildings that are the epitome of Southern architecture at its best. The only problem is knowing where they are located within the city.

Then, there is the all-important issue of food. I absolutely love food, but when I find myself so close to the ocean the only thing I can think of is seafood. What is the best seafood restaurant that would also offer the normal “turf” food for my husband?

Aside from taking in some wonderful Southern architecture and seafood, what would be an absolute must-see for a first-time visitor to Savannah?

Stephanie Hays graduated from the University of Texas-San Antonio in December 2008. Six months later she was on her way to Georgia to join her fiance, now husband, who had taken a job with Frito-Lay. E-mail her at