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Mayor Chuck Shaheen and our city council cannot even dispose of tires from a condemned service station without creating another controversial and farcical situation — then even having to call in the GBI again to find out the truth.

The GBI probe of our own “Tiregate” will not deal with the illegal dumping but about the decision of whether to prosecute or whether to halt the police investigation. Basically it will be about what happened and if it was in any way illegal/criminal.

— Frank W. Gadbois

Warner Robins

Police building

I recommend the new Warner Robins police headquarters be located at the old FoodMax shopping center on Russell Parkway. It’s a wide open space with very little to tear out, thereby lending itself to easy reconfiguration.

It has plenty of parking and is centrally located. There are many vacant stores next door, so there is enough room for growth.

The old police facility could continue to be used as a substation.

Perkins Field should be left alone and a suitable weatherproof picture, ceramic perhaps, and plaque be erected at the field highlighting the outstanding young man Jimmy Perkins was — multiple letter athlete, encouraging friend and role model to all.

— John Wilson

Warner Robins