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Alline Kent: See what’s on her list of the best of 2017

Peggy Stephens slings a flying disk for her best friend, Raggedy Ann, at the new Warner Robins dog park in August.
Peggy Stephens slings a flying disk for her best friend, Raggedy Ann, at the new Warner Robins dog park in August.

The year 2017 is behind us and we are ready for 2018. Whether you have made resolutions or, like me, have made a resolution to make resolutions, a bright shiny new year await all of us. But before we jump into 2018, it is time to take a look at the best of 2017.

Best place to go shopping: Wandering around on Carroll Street in Perry this year, I discovered the shop, Two of a Kind. The name is not exactly accurate because the shop owner, Alicia McMurrian, provides one-of-a-kind customer service. Remember the days when the people in a store actually waited on you, asked questions about what you are looking for and helped you select the perfect item? Throw in that level of customer service and a shop full of unique items and you have Two of a Kind at 918 Carroll Street.

Best pep rally: The GHSA may have fumbled the state high school football playoff, but the city of Warner Robins scooped up the ball and ran. When the Demons were sent home from Atlanta with a week’s notice that the AAAAA state final game would be played in Warner Robins, the city rallied to support the Demons. Signs supporting the team were everywhere, restaurant workers greeted the opponents in Demon shirts and rivals cheered the Demons on that night. The score might not have ended up in the Demon’s favor, but the win goes to the people of Warner Robins for their support of the team.

Best place for a dog to wag his tail: The city of Warner Robins’ first dog park opened. It has become another place in our city to get out in the fresh air, whether just walking on the trails or throwing a ball your dog.

Best place to finally try something new: I have been eating at McCall’s for years. I go in, look at the menu, deliberate, and then order the same thing every time: the chicken salad. It is not because the other things don’t look and smell delicious; it is because the chicken salad is that awesome. But after attending an event held at McCall’s, I tasted the grape-nut chicken salad and ordered it the next time I went in. If you haven’t tried it, make a point of ordering it. It is out-of-this-world great.

Best tradition that hardly anyone knows about: Mary Ann Branch Coskery started the youth organization KAZ more than 30 years ago to help provide our teenagers with an opportunity to do for others. While KAZ sponsors activities all year long, the biggest one is Christmas for Kids, where KAZ members adopt families, do all the Christmas shopping and then deliver presents, providing joy for the family members while the KAZ kids remember what the season is all about.

Best place I hope you never need: Our son Scotty got a puppy this year. Bear has become the center of our entire family. When Bear pulled a chocolate cake off the counter and ate the entire thing before we knew what was happening, I just shrugged my shoulders. But Scotty, in this one case, knew more than we did and informed his father and I that chocolate can kill a dog. Thankfully, the Middle Georgia Emergency Veterinary Clinic opened this year at 4798 Russell Parkway. Scotty took Bear immediately and was seen immediately. The vet got the chocolate out of Bear and saved his life. Here is hoping you never need the clinic, but here’s the phone number just in case you ever do: (478) 997-6677.

Happy 2018. May God bless you and yours.

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