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Check out 2017’s best light displays in Houston County

Check out holiday light displays like this one in Houston County.
Check out holiday light displays like this one in Houston County. Special to the Telegraph

For years, I have been picking the best Christmas lights in Houston County. Our boys loved riding around looking at lights, and the column just evolved from there.

There used to be a list of 10, but over the years I have had more and more submissions each year. Then one year, a reader suggested I do a driving tour instead. That seemed to work better for my readers.

I am going to warn you about this year’s list. It is spread out all over the county. We didn’t do it in one night; we did it in four nights. So put some Christmas music on the radio and enjoy your time in the car looking and oooing and ahhing.

And here is my annual disclaimer. If you do anything in your yard — hang a wreath, put out a manger, whether you go all out or not — you are a winner in my book. Outside decorating is done for the enjoyment of others and in the true spirit of Christmas, it is a gift to the community.

I arranged this list with the lights in this order: Starting in the area near the Houston Medical Center, then out toward the north end of the county and Centerville, down to Perry and then back up to Bonaire.

218 Kingsbury Circle: Lots of lights with Peace On Earth being the theme at this home. Be sure and look up for the twinkling stars way up in the trees. Notice the reindeer and all the gifts under the tree.

610 Bernard Drive: The star overhead is leading the wisemen and their camels to the baby Jesus. Snowmen and gingerbread men are just some of the features in the yard as well.

407 Ivelyn Court: Lots of Christmas trees in this year, as well as snowflakes on the roof and in the windows. There is a little penguin family, reindeer and of course, Santa. Timed music makes all the Christmas trees come alive.

106 Calle Mayor Street: Santa, snowmen, more penguins and plenty of lights. Christmas trees and music highlight this yard, as well.

201 Horseshoe Drive: This one is off the beaten path, but it’s totally worth it. The neighbors are having light wars, and you will be the winner. At 201, everything is lit up, including the well. Animals abound — from Rudolph to owls and squirrels. There is a train, lots of trees and a blinking star on the roof. Across the street, the lights are fantastic as well — highlighted by an unusual carousel with reindeer.

122 Arbor Creek: If Santa needs a marker to find Houston County, this house is it. It is bright, bright, bright. Red and white lights adorn this house, with a splash of green thrown in, too.

111 Vanguard Court: This house has it all. Santa is in his sleigh — or maybe in his outhouse. There are lots of blow-ups and motion in this yard; be sure to check out the hot chocolate snowman. There are angels and traditional candles in the windows, and the mailbox opens up — ready for those letters to Santa.

207 Cliff Howard Drive: If you are looking for a giant gingerbread house, this is it. The outdoor decorations have other features as well, like blowups in the yard.

101 Bridgeway Drive: This is another house that has added music to its outdoor decorations, which include snowmen, a giant sleigh with Santa and lots of Christmas trees.

Ball Street, downtown Perry: Literally the whole street is a winter wonderland of lights, blow-ups and animated figures that are all set to music on a radio station. This street is the ultimate example of community involvement.

609 Amberley Court: This house has a couple of unique features like the giant lighted holly over the door. Don’t miss Santa with his presents and all the candy canes.

105 Villa Gloria Drive: The whole house and yard are covered in lights that are synched to a radio station.

161 Old Perry Road: The home has pretty lights, and there also are lights strung on the fence. What makes this one stand out is the most beautiful manger scene I have ever seen. Celebrating the Savior’s birth is, after all, the reason for the season.

101 Fortune Way: Ready to be transported? You can choose the very unusual and pretty hot air balloon that is lighted up or the ice blue lights that really make this house stand out.

124 Gardenia Way: This house is a three-for-one — great lights at the house, with the added bonus of lights in the pond next to the house. Plus you get the lights and the reflection of the house on the other side of the pond.

Finish up with a ride down Kimberly Road. The two nursing facilities located on Kimberly have outdone themselves with giant lighted trees out front. On the other side of Russell, at 501 Kimberly Road, there are plenty of figures and lights and a real live Santa outside. Be sure to park your car on Todd Circle and not on Kimberly.

Usually after the list is published, I have more suggestions come in to me. I will be posting these on my Facebook page, so if you want to keep up with the latest, greatest lights in Houston County, follow me on Facebook, Alline Lusk Kent.

As for the winner, this year’s award for the Best Lights in Houston County goes to the house at 111 Vanguard Court. The family that did this really added something for everyone. Their yard is pretty big, and it’s filled to the brim with interesting sights and sounds. I really enjoyed their lights, and I will be asking the owner where they found the cool HO HO HO blow-up. This family wins tickets to Callaway Gardens’ annual Fantasy in Lights. Many thanks to Callaway Gardens for providing these again this year.

I hope you have a great time looking at lights. Merry Christmas.

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