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They’re thankful for God, family, community, country

Brett Evans
Brett Evans

While a lot of people are shopping for turkeys, veggies and a host of other items to make that one special Thanksgiving meal to celebrate with loved ones on Thanksgiving Day, a few local residents took a few minutes to share with The Telegraph/Sun News exactly what they are thankful for this holiday season.

Brett Evans, Warner Robins police chief

“I’m especially thankful this year for family. I know that is a typical answer and many times spoken without much thought, but honestly, family is my reason for everything I do. Although I’m thankful for many other things: career, community support, church family, etc., all those things would mean far less without a true reason for living…celebrating family and knowing we have a Risen Savior.”

Cpl. Lee Smith, Byron Police Department K-9 Unit and STOP Coordinator

“This year, I am especially thankful for a community (that) generously supports the Byron Police Department and the Safe Traffic Operations Program (STOP). Donations of money, talent, time, food, K-9 equipment, photographs, riding vehicles, and participation in our department and programs are greatly appreciated. I cannot count the times that my meal was paid for by citizens who ‘Back the Blue.’ Just a handshake or conversation is so welcoming and shows support of our service. Byron is a great community, and it is a privilege to serve you. Thank you for all you have done to show your support; it means a lot and we are very grateful.”

Sara Koohang, public relations and marketing specialist, Museum of Aviation Foundation

“I am especially thankful for the opportunity to work for a nonprofit organization that has a wonderful mission. I am thankful for the family in my life and the support from my friends. This has been a great year, and I hope next year will be just as rewarding.”

Keith Lauritsen, Warner Robins (Post 3) city councilman, Byron Elementary School principal

“I am thankful for a Christian home with parents that always put their children before themselves. Parents who were not consumed with being our friends, even though they loved nothing more than spending time with us. They taught us to love all people. They passed on to us a strong work ethic and sense of responsibility.

I am also thankful for my wife’s parents. I can’t remember a day when they were not doing something for us and their grandchildren. Family is everything to us and the older we get, the more thankful we become. I am thankful for a wife that loves me and her children more than herself. I am thankful for my children who continue to amaze me every day.

With that being said, there are so many other things that I am thankful for: good health, a good job, great friends, a great church, learning from mistakes, public education, having a home, laughter, safety and security, wisdom, a diverse community, freedom to vote and our military. But most of all… I am thankful for Jesus, who made me in His own image and loves me more than anyone else can.”

Dan Hart, volunteer program administrator, Museum of Aviation Foundation.

“I am thankful for family and friends, health, a good job with great bosses, fantastic coworkers and volunteers. I am thankful for this great country and our men and women of the armed forces and our first responders, law enforcement, firefighters and paramedics. I am thankful for a good life and things learned along the way.”

Compiled by Kimberly Pritchett