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Catching up on Scotty

Scotty Kent and his girlfriend, Kayla Killingsworth.
Scotty Kent and his girlfriend, Kayla Killingsworth. Special to The Sun News

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about McCullough Funeral Home and how much the staff had done for my family when my father passed away and how I thought of McCullough’s as a ministry to our community.

I had a huge response to that column — a reflection on McCullough’s, not on me. I received several emails and had a lot of phone calls with readers sharing their own experiences with the staff of McCullough’s. I enjoyed speaking to the ones that called and got a kick out of how many of the callers, strangers to me, said — “Before we get off the phone, tell me how Scotty is doing?”

My younger son, Scotty, has been the subject of my column many, many times and as one caller said, has grown up in The Sun News. He was 4 years old when I started with The Sun News, and he is 19 now, so I guess he has grown up in the paper. Over the course of those years, I have written about his antics — from breaking windows, talking in class, getting stitches, wrecking his truck, setting a fire in my garage and all the other things that boys do as they travel down the path to manhood.

Our Scotty has never been a bad kid — just a boy interested in learning about the world. I guess Scotty is a visual learner because lots of his lessons about the world seemed to be like science experiments — if you spit sunflower seeds at the ceiling fan, there is a higher chance that they will fall all over the floor than there is that you will land one on the moving blade. I guess Scotty is just a hands-on learner — and that included plenty of times when the learning came from our hands on his backside.

So to answer the question of how he is doing now — he is doing pretty good. He is a sophomore at Shorter University, where he is a resident assistant, and he joined a fraternity, Delta Sigma Phi. He has a girlfriend, Kayla, who has a 4.0 grade-point average and who is making him study. He has made Rome his home, finding a mechanic, a church and all the fishing spots.

Scotty is majoring in criminal justice because he wants to go into law enforcement, which you can imagine worries me to death. About once a week, I suggest that he change his major to something safe like drama. After all, he has caused enough drama in our lives that he could win the Academy Award. But Scotty just laughs at me and reminds me that he is an adult.

Of course, the being an adult thing doesn’t translate to never needing money. He still needs us, mostly because he likes to eat out more than eat on his meal plan. He tries to blame some of it on Kayla, but as long as the girl with the 4.0 is supervising his studying I am glad to fund their trips to Chick-fil-A.

Thank you to all of y’all who asked about our Scotty. We appreciate your interest in his life. He has given us a lot of joy, and I hope that over the years you have enjoyed the stories I wrote about him.

In a few weeks, I will catch you up on our Ronnie.

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