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Byron council approves noise, dangerous dogs ordinances

BYRON -- The City Council passed measures to control both noise and dangerous dogs in the city.

The new ordinances define and set investigation policies, penalties and appeal processes the city will use to regulate noise and dangerous dogs as well as punish violators. In part, the dog ordinance defines a dangerous dog as one causing a substantial puncture to a person’s skin, one aggressively attacking and causing a person to think they or others are in imminent danger, or one that kills a pet animal.

There are exclusions in the ordinance about a pet animal being killed by a hunting dog.

The ordinance gives guidance for investigating incidents involving dangerous dogs, requires registration of animals considered dangerous dogs and outlines penalties, which include impoundment and euthanasia.

The city’s new noise ordinance was adopted to “protect, preserve and promote the health, welfare and safety” of residents. It outlines prohibited noise levels and conduct, most based on the time the noise is created and the distance of the noise from those affected. The ordinance includes mechanical sound, such as that produced by radios, TVs and other amplification devices, human noises, commercial advertising noises and party noises. The council heard a first reading of the ordinances in June without discussion. There also was no discussion or complaints voiced before the council passed the ordinances Monday.

Also in their regular meeting, the council:

Passed a corrected version of a measure previously passed that increased water and sewer fees. There was a typographical error in the original document concerning fees.

Tabled and referred to a council committee the discussion of whether the city should allow or how it should handle alcohol uses in public facilities rented for public use, such as meeting rooms in the municipal complex building.

Approved a list of surplus items to be sold by the city’s fire department.

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