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Warner Robins girls sell lemonade to raise money to buy toys for sick children

WARNER ROBINS -- Sisters Christian and Catherine Jefferson are selling lemonade and snacks in front of their 202 Woodlawn Ave. home to raise money to buy toys for sick children.

Since April 10, they’ve earned more than $300, after expenses.

Christian, 8, battles a disorder of the esophagus that has resulted in 39 surgeries since birth. All but one have been at Children’s Hospital, Navicent Health where the sisters plan to donate the toys once purchased.

The other surgery was in Atlanta in 2009. While recovering there, Christian made the decision to give away all but two of her toys.

Her grandmother, Louise McBride, said numerous people were asked to pray, some through Facebook. Many responded by sending toys to Christian.

The girl gave those and her other toys away at the hospital -- except for a Cabbage Patch doll that has wings like an angel that she’s had since she was an infant, and a yellow smiley face pillow with a bandage that the Children’s Hospital in Macon gave her.

Christian’s family was not surprised when she wanted to use the lemonade stand money to buy toys for other children at Children’s Hospital. Christian said she wanted to buy every child at the hospital an angel doll like hers.

Christian and 6-year-old Catherine named their business “Chris-Cat Snacks, Lemonade, Cookies and More.”

“My auntie told me I had to have a job (to help) the children, and I wanted to give back for (my) love for Jesus, and have a great day in my life,” Christian said.

Their aunt, Bridgett McBride, an Atlanta accountant, taught Christian how to keep financial records for the business.

While Christian keeps the books, Catherine makes the lemonade.

She uses Country Time Lemonade mix, sugar and often fresh lemons. The girls also have business cards that their grandmother prints from her computer. The cards are printed in sheets, and the girls cut them out.

“Aunt Cindy,” a family friend, bought T-shirts with the business name printed on them for the girls. Another family friend built the pink lemonade stand that has wheels for easy rolling.

The stand is set up from 5-7 p.m. Thursday, Friday and Saturdays, and sometimes Sundays by request.

Diana Rice, who lives two houses from the girls, said she’s probably consumed at least a gallon or two of lemonade -- one white Styrofoam cup at time -- since the girls opened the stand.

“It goes to a great cause, so why not?” Rice said as she stood in line at the stand Thursday. “I think it’s a wonderful idea.”

She added, “It’s probably the best lemonade I’ve ever had.”

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