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Perry Library’s serious readers to help it move

PERRY -- When Perry’s library moved from its regular location to a temporary one, patrons checked out several thousand books to help the process.

The library did the same thing in an effort that ended last week.

Last year’s effort helped the library a great deal, said J. Sara Paulk, director of the Houston County Public Library System. Paulk said it also helped patrons, who got to relish dozens of offerings for more than a month.

“It gave people a sense of being involved in the move in a productive way,” she said.

Through Saturday, patrons of the Perry branch were able to check out 50 books that won’t be due until sometime after Memorial Day, after the library has opened in its Washington Street location. An official opening date hasn’t been set, but Paulk expects an opening in late May of the permanent library site.

There, the materials from the temporary site on Sunshine Avenue will combine with materials in storage since July. For every book shelved in the former Perry Primary School, four more had been in storage.

Paulk said the community will be delighted by the expanded library, which was rebuilt with $1.6 million in state money and $600,000 from a county sales tax initiative. The temporary site was donated by the Houston County school board.

“It’s exhilarating, because it’s open and there’s wonderful new lighting. With the expansion we’ve got window seats. I envision people coming in and looking around with huge smiles on their faces,” she said.