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Man found guilty of hiring hit man in Houston killing

PERRY -- A former Cordele trucking company owner was found guilty Friday of ordering a hit on another man expected to testify against him in a federal case.

The hit man killed the wrong guy.

Jurors deliberated for about seven hours over two days before finding 36-year-old Devasko Lewis guilty of malice murder, felony murder, aggravated battery and conspiracy to commit murder in the slaying of Kerry Glenn on Jan. 14, 2014, behind his uncle’s home off Ga. 224 near Perry.

But jurors acquitted Lewis of conspiracy to commit murder by hiring the same person to send a message to the federal witness, a former business associate, by shooting up his mother’s house in Perry five days before the killing.

Jamarcus Clark is serving a life sentence in prison after pleading guilty to murder in Glenn’s slaying and to attempted murder in the other shooting.

Lewis hung his head for a moment when the jury’s verdict was read by presiding Judge George F. Nunn.

As he was led away by sheriff’s deputies, Lewis kept his composure.

He faces life without the possibility of parole or life with the possibility of parole. Sentencing is expected to be scheduled for sometime next week.

His family and friends lined the front row of the courtroom behind him during his trial. His mother covered her face as she cried, and family members helped her from the courtroom

Glenn’s family and friends lined the front row of the courtroom on the opposite side behind prosecutors. Neither family wanted to talk publicly about the case Friday.

Lead prosecutor Dan Bibler said he was very pleased with the verdict and the justice he said it brings to the victim’s families.

“I’m very impressed with the attention the jury paid to this case and the hard work they put into their deliberations,” Bibler said.

Lewis’ attorney Franklin J. Hogue of Macon said he was very disappointed.

“Obviously there was some debate,” Hogue said. “Seven hours of deliberations suggest to me that at least for a while we may have had some jurors who thought he should be found not guilty.

“I could be wrong. I’m going to try to field the jurors if they’ll talk to us. The stakes are so high. It could have just as easily been a scenario where he was walking out those doors with us right now,” Hogue said.

Glenn was shot once in the back of the head by Clark, who had approached him pretending to be interested in an old race car that was on blocks behind the home of his uncle, Corey Daniels.

Federal prosecutors allege that Lewis hired Daniels as a front man, transferring ownership of his trucking company and assets to Daniels but continuing to run his company in spite of a cease-operation order.

Bibler argued that cash and trucks Daniels kept from the business and his testimony against Lewis was motive for murder. But Hogue mounted a defense that Clark acted independently in an alleged robbery in which Glenn was killed and blamed Lewis to shield his cousin, who allegedly put him up to it. The cousin was not charged in the Houston County case.

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