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Haynesville mom shielded 2-year-old as wind lifted home

HAYNESVILLE -- Jenny Myers was fixing dinner Sunday for her three children and her daughter’s teenaged boyfriend when she noticed the wind had picked up and was pelting rain against a nearby glass window.

“I got scared a little bit,” she said.

Myers, 35, recalled the floor starting to come up as the wind whirled around the manufactured home she rents on Pitts Road.

She and the children -- two teenagers, both 13, a 10-year-old boy and 2-year-old girl -- sought shelter in her bedroom.

“I was right here, over my youngest daughter, shielding her,” said Myers as she pointed to the spot where she had huddled in what was left of her bedroom. “And my daughter, my son and her boyfriend (were) right here. He was shielding them, too, and grabbing them.”

The roof of the bedroom was blown off. The home itself was lifted off its foundation. When the movement stopped, Myers and the children escaped unharmed out a nearby window.

“My daughter’s boyfriend actually got the window down, and we jumped out the window,” she said.

The home was a destroyed.

Myers was at the home Monday salvaging what she could. She and her family are staying with her sister.

Houston County Emergency Agency Director Jimmy Williams said the 911 call about damage to the home came in about 5:24 p.m. Sunday.

“Upon arrival, we found the house completely off the foundation,” he said.

Whether a tornado may have touched down is undetermined, Williams said.

“Certainly, some very strong winds -- whether there was rotation or not will be determined by the National Weather Service,” Williams said.

Houston authorities have taken photos of different areas to submit to the National Weather Service that may help in that determination, he said.

“We’ve got a mile path that runs north, northeast from this location all the way up the corridor through Perry Road,” Williams said.

Some minor damage to homes along East Flournoy and Barrett roads in the Haynesville area was also reported, Williams said.

In Warner Robins, a tree fell on a home on Cherokee Drive, he said.

“I have not been there to assess it,” he said.

No loss of human life or injuries were reported in Houston County, although a goat perished in the storm on East Flournoy Road, Williams said.

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