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Byron police investigate suspected homicide

Byron police are investigating a suspected homicide after 911 received an anonymous call Friday afternoon stating there was a killing in the city.

The caller told dispatch that the killing took place at the Byron Housing Authority, Apartment 213 on Martin Luther King Jr. Drive. When officers arrived at the residence, Ratavius Canion told police he and his girlfriend got into a fight, and she was in the apartment dead, Chief Wesley Cannon said.

Upon entering, officers found Destiny Clark, 20, dead in the living room. Canion was taken into custody but was not charged as of 5:30 p.m. Canion did not admit to killing Clark, Cannon said.

Right now, police don’t know how Clark died.

“We haven’t got into it enough,” Cannon said. “We’re processing the crime scene from the outside in, so we’re not sure of the cause of death or if there were weapons involved.”

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