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Flint Energies searches for members owed refunds

Flint Energies is searching for 14,000 of its members who are owed capital credit refunds totaling nearly $1.2 million.

Each fall, the electric cooperative refunds capital credits, which are like dividends. Active members due a refund received a credit on their bill, and members who no longer receive Flint’s service were mailed a check, according to a news release.

The most recently refunded capital credits were for 1981-82 and part of 1983.

However, many of Flint’s former members have moved away without leaving a forwarding address. Flint is searching for those former members.

A list of those owed capital credits may be found at flintenergies.com/unclaimedcapitalcredits.aspx. If you or someone you know is on the list, and you have an accurate address for that person, call Flint at (800) 342-3616, extension 5203.

Proof of identity is required to claim ownership of the capital credit.