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Reindeer Gang: A mother’s wish for her child

EDITOR’S NOTE: The Reindeer Gang is an annual Telegraph feature identifying individuals and families with needs during the holidays. Donations are no longer being made through the Community Foundation but directly to the sponsoring agency or charity. Contributions can be made to the Curry family through Disability Connections, 170 College St., Macon, GA 31201 or by calling (478) 741-1425.

WARNER ROBINS — Mary Curry put up a Christmas tree in her small apartment last week.

As she prepared for the holidays with her 9-year-old son, Christian Cobb, she didn’t have any presents to put under it.

She said Christian is usually happy with whatever Santa Claus can fit on his sleigh.

“Whatever he gets, he’s satisfied,” she said.

She said her son, a third-grader at Matthew Arthur Elementary in Kathleen, would be thrilled to have his very own “personal FM system.”

However, “FM” has nothing to do with music or songs on the radio.

A personal FM system is a device that can be used with hearing aids to improve clarity and amplification for people with impaired hearing.

Christian has had limited access to such equipment since switching schools this year. His hearing aids are covered by Medicaid but the FM system is not. She has been working with Disability Connections in Macon to obtain one. Curry said she also found out a few weeks ago her son will need glasses.

Curry is a single mother with two older children who do not live with her and Christian. She moved to Warner Robins from Midville seven years ago.

She said Christian was diagnosed as being partially deaf shortly after he was born. She said he works with an audiologist in the Houston County school system.

He does read lips, and she is learning sign language, but having his own system would enhance his ability to communicate with her at home. Also, she is hopeful it will improve his first-grade reading level.

“I want to get him some educational games for the computer,” she said. “Right now, he just looks at the pictures.”

She said she had to quit her job at a local convenience store because she was having to work the night shift and could not afford to keep paying a baby sitter.