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Molotov cocktail found on porch of Peach home

FORT VALLEY — A Molotov cocktail was found Monday afternoon on the porch of a home shared by migrant workers, police said.

The partially burned plastic bottle was discovered by Dickey Farms’ workers having returned to the rented home at 2579 Union Church Road from work, Peach County Sheriff Terry Deese said Tuesday.No one was at home and there was no damage, the sheriff said.

Oliver Bateman, who owns the property that includes a handful of tenant homes, said he is very upset about the incident.

“You throw something on fire at a home without knowing whether someone is in there ... it’s insane,” Bateman said.

Deese said he hopes that the incident was isolated. He said patrols will be increased in the area.

The group of tenant homes is located at the Peach County and Crawford County line.

The homes were repeatedly burglarized about three years ago, Bateman said.