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Bryon approves hiring, salary increase freeze

The Byron City Council is taking a proactive stance in an effort to avoid the workforce reductions seen in other cities around the state and the country.

City Councilman Michael Chumbley proposed numerous directives during Monday’s regular meeting aimed at cutting the city’s expenses. The City Council approved the various measures.

The list calls for a hiring freeze, salary increase freeze, elimination of all unrequired travel and training, provision of overtime only in emergency situations and required use of city vehicle for business to eliminate paying personal mileage. In an effort to maintain lower energy costs, the directives state that all computer workstations be shut down at the end of the workday and all city thermostats be set at 68 degrees in the winter and 78 degrees in the summer. Unoccupied spaces will be set at 50 degrees.

Chumbley said he discussed using cost-cutting measures with department heads who were willing to comply. Another action being taken by Chumbley and the rest of the city’s administrative committee is a monthly review of the city’s budget.