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Warner Robins man accused of making psychedelic drugs

A Warner Robins man is accused of manufacturing psychedelic drugs in his 125 Mack Lane home, a Houston County sheriff’s narcotics investigator says.

Matthew Paul Berndt, 24, faces several charges of manufacturing and distribution of illicit drugs after a raid of his home Friday after a two-month investigation, Sgt. Wayne Franklin said.

Berndt’s alleged drug manufacturing operation included cactuses grown to produce mescaline and poppy plants for opium, Franklin said.

Also found were dried mushrooms that produce psilocybin and several sandwich bags of marijuana, he said.

A narcotics investigator for 16 years, Franklin said this is the first time he’s seized poppy plants or cactuses used for manufacturing psychedelic drugs.

He estimated the combined street value of the drugs at $5,000 at a minimum.

Berndt also was charged with possession of a firearm in the commission of a crime for a .38 caliber Smith & Wesson handgun also seized, Franklin said.

Berndt was being held Wednesday at the Houston County jail.