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Water main break affects service, traffic in Warner Robins

A water main break early Monday closed northbound lanes in the 200 block of Carl Vinson Parkway, while disrupting water service in the immediate area for several hours.

The break was reported about 3 a.m., temporarily shutting down Carl Vinson Parkway across from the Houston County Annex until the water could be cut off. The northbound turn lane was closed most of the morning for the repairs, Warner Robins Utilities Director Montie Walters said.

Businesses and residences along Carl Vinson Parkway from Leverette Road to Russell Parkway were affected. Water was turned back on about noon after repairs were completed, Walters said.

Although it’s not certain what caused the water main to give way, it’s likely that the widening of the parkway this year had something to do with it, Walters said.

The 12-inch pipe rested undisturbed underground until the road construction project, which likely included digging when the turn lane was added, putting down concrete and movement of heavy equipment above the pipe, Walters said.

Later the ground settled, and it’s this shifting that likely produced pressure on the pipe, causing it to crack or rupture, he said.

Repairs didn’t begin until about 7:30 a.m. Monday, when an underground utility service was able to report where power, gas, fiber optic, cable and telephone lines were buried, Walters said.

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