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WR man killed in motorcycle crash

A Warner Robins man on a motorcycle was killed Monday when he apparently did a wheelie, lost control of his bike and crashed, police said.

Joshua Bryan Baker, 21, died at the scene of the crash on Dunbar Road between Story Road and Margaret Drive, Houston County Lt. M.J. Stokes said.

Baker was travelling east on Dunbar Road at a high speed, Stokes said.

During the wheelie maneuver, the front tire was lifted into the air and when it came back down on the road, Baker lost control and the motorcycle ran off the road, Stokes said.

Baker was thrown off the motorcycle and struck a utility pole, with his body coming to rest about 30 feet from the pole, Stokes said.Another motorcyclist riding along with Baker was able to recount what happened, as did a westbound motorist, the officer said.

Baker was wearing a helmet but it came off in the crash, Stokes said.

The 1:49 p.m. accident blocked traffic on that portion of Dunbar Road for about 2 hours and 30 minutes, Stokes said.

The crash remains under investigation, the officer said.