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UPDATE: How win-loss scenarios play out for Warner Robins today

Warner Robins squares off against the state champs from West Virginia this afternoon at 1.

That much we know.

After that, the scenarios for which two of the four teams in Warner Robins' pool advance to Wednesday's semifinals get a bit complex.

A Robins win today at the Little League Southeast Regional would give the team a 2-1 record and eliminate West Virginia, which would be 0-3.

A Robins loss today would leave its tournament hopes in the hands of a calculator, needing Tennessee to lose to Florida in the 4 o'clock game and fall to 1-2 in the tourney, setting up a three-way tie in the standings with Robins, West Virginia and Tennessee each with 1-2 records.

Ties are broken based on the number of runs allowed by each time. The formula: the number of runs given up divided by the number of defensive innings played.

Of course, the best-case scenario for Warner Robins is for it to beat West Virginia at 1 p.m. today and then have Florida hand Tennessee its second loss in the 4 p.m. matchup.

If Warner Robins wins and Tennessee wins, handing Florida its first loss, there would be a three-way logjam with that trio of teams having 2-1 records. The runs-allowed formula would again break the tie.