Houston & Peach

WR man offers up fresh produce, humorous conversation

Clarence Smith was keeping busy Thursday morning selling tomatoes, plums, watermelons and other produce on North Houston Road near Green Street in Warner Robins. When not helping a customer he was replenishing his displays, wiping each tomato before placing it on the table.

Smith has been working at the stand for four years, arriving at work at about 5 a.m. He said he works five or six days each week. The produce he sells is grown in Crisp County, which explains the huge supply of watermelons. As he gave John and Terri Strand their change for their watermelon purchase he asked if they knew their watermelon has a but. They look puzzled and he continued, "if that watermelon isn't any good you can bring it back and get another one. The but being you gotta bring back the whole melon, not just the rind." Smith carries on humorous conversations with all of his customers.

During a lull between customers as he enjoyed the breeze blowing under his canopy, he said, "This will be a busy day. Folks buying today getting ready for the Fourth of July."