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'Tis the season for the Perry Player's Youth Theater Workshop

Joy Goodman is on the second summer session of her 13th year working with the Perry Player's Youth Theater Workshop. She has been director for the past eight years. The Perry theater group sponsors two two-week sessions for fifty children each. Over the two week period they learn makeup, hone their acting skills and then perform a play. This year's play is "Tis The Season." Goodman said Tuesday "I always pick a play with fifty speaking parts. I want all the camp participants to have a speaking role in the play." Their play will be presented June 27 at 7pm, and June 28 at 3pm and 7pm.

"I remember when we had trouble filling one session, now we have two full sessions and a waiting list each year," Goodman said. There is a $130.00 fee for each child to attend the camp. "That is a large amount for some families, but the theater has to pay expenses. We have scholarships provided by some individuals and businesses to help out. One young lady came to me and said she really wanted to come. She has been doing yard work to raise the money for camp. She asked if she could pay a little at a time. It was so good to be able to tell her "Someone else has paid for you."

The last session's performance was delayed last Saturday due to the fire in downtown Perry. The performance was Sunday and the next session began Monday morning.