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Crawford County High student arrested for bringing loaded gun to school

Terry Knolton
Terry Knolton

A Crawford County high school student was arrested Tuesday for bringing a loaded handgun to school.

Terry Knolton, 18, was charged with having a gun on school grounds, said Roberta Police Chief Ty B. Matthews. Knolton was taken to the Crawford County jail on the misdemeanor charge.

Knolton’s grandmother called the sheriff’s office about 9 a.m. after she discovered that the .25 caliber handgun was missing, Knolton said.

The gun was recovered hidden on school property, Matthews said. He declined to say where.

“The main thing is nobody was in danger,” Matthews said.

Knolton told authorities that he brought the gun to school by accident and that he’d had it because of a dog in the neighborhood where he lives in Crawford County that “I guess chases the kids,” Matthews said.

“So, he was going to do something about it, and forgot it was there, and then when he got to the school, that’s why he hid it because he panicked,” Matthews said.

Knolton was afraid of what would happen if he was found with a gun on him at school, Matthews said.

“It wasn’t like he was mad at anybody,” Matthews said.

No dog was shot, Matthews said.

Dogs have been abandoned in the area where Knolton lives based on calls in the past of stray animals, some thought to be aggressive, he said.

However, that’s still no excuse for bringing a loaded weapon to school, Matthews said.

“This case was handled the same as we would anybody else with a weapon on school grounds,” Matthews said. “His excuse had no bearing, but it’s part of the investigation.”

Crawford County School Superintendent Brent Lowe said Knolton has been suspended from school pending a disciplinary tribunal.

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