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Teen gets 8 years in prison for snatching purses from elderly women at Walmart

A Macon teen has been sentenced to eight years in prison for snatching purses from elderly women in Walmart parking lots in two separate incidents last summer.

Houston County Superior Court Judge Edward D. Lukemire sentenced Tatyana Adams, 19, on Monday after she pleaded guilty to two counts of robbery by sudden snatching, said Assistant District Attorney Clif Woody.

“Our position is if you purse snatch from an elderly person, you ought to go to the penitentiary. You ought to do some time,” Woody said. “But if you do that and you cause injury to that elderly person, you need to go to the penitentiary for a long time.”

One of the victims, a 66-year-old woman, tried to get her purse back after it was snatched from her cart while she was loading groceries into her vehicle in the parking lot of the Walmart on Booth Road May 26.

A Walmart surveillance video showed the woman reaching into and holding onto a car that Adams jumped into. The woman hit the pavement face down as the car sped off. The video was shown in court Monday.

The other victim, a 64-year-old woman, didn't realize until about 30 minutes later that her purse had been snatched while she was loading her car after shopping at the Walmart on Watson Boulevard. She remembered being bumped into, and store surveillance video pulled later showed what happened, Woody said.

Adams, who was 18 at the time of the incidents, was with four other teens who drove from Macon to Houston County intending to commit the robberies, Woody said.

Antonio Fitzpatrick, 19, and Kenyatta Peek, 20, also pleaded guilty to two counts of robbery by sudden snatching. Both were a year younger at the time of the incidents.

Fitzpatrick was sentenced Monday to three years in prison, while Peek was sentenced in January to 160 to 180 days in a detention center with credit for 10 months she was jailed pending trial, Woody said.

Adams, Fitzpatrick and Peek were originally indicted on two counts each of aggravated battery in the incidents. Those charges were dismissed against each as part of their plea agreements, Woody said.

The driver and the other teen who got out of the car with Adams when she snatched the purses were 16 at the time. Their cases were handled in Juvenile Court.

Kindall Browning, a Houston County assistant public defender representing Adams, could not be reached for comment.