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Perry is raising property taxes, but not really

The city of Perry on Tuesday held the second of three public hearings announcing a tax increase, but it’s not much of one.

The increase will net the city a total of $14,900 more out of $6.474 million in projected revenue, City Manager Lee Gilmour said prior to the meeting.

The tax rate itself will remain at 14.05 mills, but state law does not allow the city to reap any revenue gain from revaluations unless it announces it as a tax increase. Warner Robins and Houston County were in the same situation this year but rolled back their millage rates by negligible amounts rather than holding the hearings.

Gilmour said Perry’s policy has been to leave the millage rate as is and have the hearings, even though the amount being gained is small.

No one has spoke against the proposed rate at the first two hearings. The third hearing and vote will be held at a called meeting on Sept. 25 at 5:30 p.m.

Wayne Crenshaw: 478-256-9725, @WayneCrenshaw1