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Wide assortment of items for sale at Houston auction

Wide range of items up for sale in Houston County auction

Houston County's annual surplus auction features a wide range of items, including many vehicles, office furniture and law books.
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Houston County's annual surplus auction features a wide range of items, including many vehicles, office furniture and law books.

Anyone who wants to own a pay phone, a defibrillator, a law library or an old backhoe can have all those needs filled in Perry on Thursday.

Houston County is having its annual surplus auction with a motley assortment of items available to the highest bidders. The sale starts at 10 a.m. at the Purchasing Department warehouse at 2022 Kings Chapel Road, across from the courthouse. The first items to be sold will be 22 vehicles, including some heavy equipment. Most of the vehicles run.

“None of this stuff is real good stuff but it does have some more life,” said Mark Baker, the county’s purchasing agent.

After the vehicles are sold the auction will move indoors, where a wide variety of items will be up for bids. That includes a large pallet of law books from the district attorney’s office that will be sold as one.

Also to be sold are two pay phones that were in the libraries in the days of yore before everyone got a cellphone.

“Someone will buy them,” Baker said, when asked if he thought there was much of a market for pay phones.

Actually, someone certainly will buy them if for no other reason the phones are being sold in a lot along with numerous other items likely to have some appeal, including a rifle carrying bag, two defibrillators and an ice cream maker.

Baker said he didn’t know why the county owned an ice cream maker.

All of the items are things the county no longer needs or has replaced.

The vehicles are the biggest draw and this year’s lineup features something a little different. A few years ago the sheriff’s office began buying SUVs as patrol vehicles. For the first time those vehicles are showing up in the surplus auction, Baker said, and some are in decent condition.

Most of the vehicles have well over 100,000 miles and some are over 200,000. The lowest mileage vehicle is a 1998 Dodge Neon used by the tax office. It has 88,143 miles.

The vehicles will be cranked prior to being sold so that people can hear the engine run but no test drives are allowed. Inspection of all items is available from 1-4 p.m. Wednesday and from 9-10 a.m. Thursday. Registration is also from 9-10 a.m. Thursday.

A lot of computer equipment is available, including desk computers and laptops. Most of the computers have the hard drives removed but some don’t. Those with hard drives were public computers at the libraries and therefore did not contain any confidential information. Other office equipment and furniture is also available.

Only cash or approved checks are accepted.

A full list of items is available at the county’s website www.houstoncountyga.org. Click under the “Business” tab at the time and then “Purchasing Department” and scroll down.

For more information call the Purchasing Department at 218-4800.