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Testimony: Robins airman confronted in pregnant fiancee’s home the morning she was slain

Charles Amos Wilson III
Charles Amos Wilson III

A Robins airman charged with the murder of his pregnant fiancee was confronted in her home the morning she was shot, according to testimony Wednesday.

Charles Amos Wilson III, 30, a support member of the 461st Aircraft Maintenance Squadron, faces the death penalty if convicted by a military jury of the charge of premeditated murder. He is also charged with death of an unborn child.

Tameda Ferguson, 30, was eight-and-a-half months pregnant when she was killed in her Dawson home the morning of Aug. 29, 2013. Ferguson shared the home with one of her brothers.

Her brother, Clifton Ferguson, testified that a sound woke him from his sleep that morning. He got up to investigate.

Ferguson said he came out of his bedroom to find Wilson standing closer than three feet from him in the hallway in front of the bathroom. The bathroom light was on and the door was ajar. There was also light from a TV in his sister’s room spilling into the hallway, Ferguson said.

Although he had never met Wilson, Ferguson said he immediately recognized him from numerous photographs his sister had shown him on her cellphone and a tablet. Wilson was the man Ferguson said his sister had planned to eventually marry.

Ferguson said he confronted Wilson about why he was in the home. Wilson did not answer but went into the bathroom and shut the door.

“Something didn’t seem right,” said Ferguson, who went to his bedroom to get and load his handgun. Ferguson said his sister never had anyone over without telling him first.

Ferguson said he heard Wilson come out of the bathroom and run out of the house. Ferguson said he went to his sister’s bedroom to check on her. She was bleeding about the face. He turned and ran after Wilson, who was about to pull away in a vehicle.

Ferguson said he fired repeatedly at the vehicle as Wilson fled. He then returned to his sister, who wasn’t breathing. Ferguson made telephone calls for help, initially misdialing 911.

He next ran to their mother’s home about 50 yards away. Like his sister, their mom was a registered nurse.

Ferguson told jurors that if anyone could help his sister, it was their mom.

Their mother, Alma Thomas, testified that her daughter wasn’t breathing, had blood coming from her nose and that there was nothing she could do for her. Thomas did not learn until later that her daughter had been shot.

Thomas said she asked her son what had happened. Ferguson told her “that boy,” referring to Wilson, had done something to her.

Clifton Ferguson also testified about brain surgery he had in January 2012. The surgery successfully stopped him from having seizures and memory lapses.

Both Clifton Ferguson and Thomas testified Tameda Ferguson was excited about her pregnancy and had already picked out a name: Jazmyne Angel Ferguson.

Wednesday marked the first day of testimony in what is expected to be a lengthy trial. Pre-trial motions and selection of court-martial panel of officers and enlisted personnel to serve as a jury took more than two weeks.

The prosecution alleges that Wilson killed Ferguson for $1 million in insurance money. The defense contends that Wilson has an alibi witness and that he was more than 90 miles away when Ferguson was slain.

The prosecution is expected to present its case through this week and possibly into the next. The defense will then have an opportunity to counter, if desired, and then each side may present rebuttal evidence and testimony.

The trial is the third court-martial proceeding Wilson has faced.

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