Macon changes: An interactive look at growth in Macon since 1993

The topography of Macon has seen quite a few changes over the past 20 years, particularly in the construction of shopping centers.

Thanks to a project from Northwestern University's Knight Lab, we can see the changes using interactive sliders with a program called JuxtaposeJS. We used Google Earth images from 1993 and again from 2013 to create these sliders.

The Telegraph's newsroom sits on the north end of Mercer University's campus. The campus has seen growth both inward and outward. Notice the two big changes in the first slider: the new location of the school's football stadium, and the old location of Porter Stadium in the bottom left of the slider near Interstate 75. You can also see the University Center and basketball facility just north of the football stadium and baseball and softball fields.

Click in the middle of the graphic to drag the slider left or right.

Mercer University

The biggest difference seems to be in the growth of the Zebulon Road area, which had very little of the commercial growth in 1993 that dots the area now.

Zebulon Road

Take a look at a few other sliders.

Shoppes at River Crossing

Presidential Parkway

Bass Road

Hartley Bridge Road