Macon cops eye suspect in instant potato theft

Whoever broke into the big rig’s cargo trailer over the weekend and made off with 204 packs of instant potatoes might be wise not to steal near the supermarket where he shops.

A grocery receipt found at the scene of the nearby break-in on Saturday apparently led Bibb County sheriff’s deputies to the culprit.

The truck driver who owns several trailers parked near Rocky Creek Foods in southwest Macon found one of them open early Saturday.

Someone cut the seal on the doors and tore into a pallet of Idahoan-brand potatoes.

“I hope they was eating good,” said a woman, 62, who answered the phone at the trucker’s house Monday but declined to give her name.

The woman said she’d heard that authorities had made an arrest in the case, though details were not immediately available Monday afternoon.

According to an incident report, a grocery receipt was found on the floor of the trailer.

It showed that someone had bought something at the supermarket nearby in the Rocky Creek Drive curve at Bloomfield Road about 9:30 p.m. Friday.

A sheriff’s deputy apparently took the receipt, and investigators were trying to track down the thief, whose haul amounted to about $215 worth of potatoes.

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