Cop Shop: Bibb woman says too-friendly housemaid hugged and kissed her

A woman who lives near Lizella reported an unusual problem with her maid. Late last month she told a Bibb County sheriff’s deputy that she had called in a home-cleaning service because she had a bad knee. The woman, in her mid-50s, said the cleaning service sent over a pair of young women. “One of the young ladies was very lazy and did not do a good job,” the sheriff’s deputy’s report noted, “but the second young lady was very thorough and did a good job.” The woman said she and the second maid “became friends and started talking and texting,” the report said. But the woman said she became “very uncomfortable with the relationship when the young lady became attached.” The woman said the maid “would hug and kiss her in a way that made her feel uncomfortable.” The woman told the maid to stop coming to her house and to quit calling. But on June 26, the maid returned and refused to leave. The maid didn’t go away until the woman called the cops.

A Bibb sheriff’s deputy pulled over a man driving a gray Honda Accord on Macon’s Napier Avenue about 5 o’clock one evening earlier this month. The man wasn’t wearing a seat belt. When the deputy walked up to the car, he immediately caught a whiff of marijuana. The man, 26, said he didn’t have any pot in the car. When he stepped out of the car to let the deputy search it, the man kept digging in his pockets. “I explained to him,” the deputy wrote in his report of the July 16 incident, “that I did not know what was in his pockets. ... He continued to place his hand in his pockets.” While the deputy frisked the guy, the guy said, “I ain’t got nothing.” Then the man said, “I’ll show you,” and proceeded to strip off all his clothes. “And,” as the deputy added in his write-up, “show his genitals.” While he was naked, several cars passed “and several people from the street noticed him exposing himself.” He was jailed on a public indecency charge.

A woman said her ex-boyfriend popped open the lock on her storage freezer and stole $250 worth of meat. On the morning of July 13, the woman, 41, who lives near Southwest High School in Macon, led Bibb sheriff’s deputies to a place where the ex-boyfriend lives. When the deputies got there at a house not far from the intersection of Anthony Road and Pio Nono Avenue, the ex-boyfriend refused to talk. According to an incident report, he “began to try and walk away, stating that he hasn’t did anything.” When he “aggressively snatched away,” one of the deputies tried to zap him with a Taser but apparently missed as the guy ran off.

Dispatches: A Macon trucker was headed to Atlanta on July 13 when someone in another vehicle noticed that his trailer’s rear doors were open. The trucker, 39, pulled over. Not only were the doors unlatched, someone had broken in and stolen what a Bibb sheriff’s report described as “several cases” of Mountain Dew. ... A 44-year-old man who lives on Suwanee Avenue, near Pio Nono Avenue in mid-Macon’s Cherokee Heights neighborhood, told the cops that he owns more than five dozen pairs of shoes. But on July 16 he reported that two of his shoes -- size 10 Nike Jordan sneakers worth about $400 -- were missing. “He stated he always checks his shoes every night,” a Bibb deputy wrote in a report. The man said a guy visiting his sister may have taken the shoes. ... A Bibb deputy chased a man at the wheel of a tan Honda Accord on Shurling Drive at about 11 p.m. on July 14. The car whipped up a couple of side streets and cut onto New Clinton Road. Later, on Tredway Drive, the man stopped, got out of the car and took off running near Kensington Place. He didn’t get far. As the deputy was handcuffing him, the deputy noticed the guy reeked of alcohol. There was an open can of Bud Light in the Honda’s cup holder and several unopened cans in the floorboard. It turned out the fellow’s license had been suspended in 1996 and that there were three warrants for his arrest. The man, 48, was charged with numerous traffic violations. He refused a DUI test, according to the deputy’s report. The man said he knew he would flunk the sobriety screening because he was “drunk and high.”

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