Clothing optional for human canvases at Macon body-art show

There’s a good chance they’ll be painting naked folks -- yes, you read right: nude bodies -- at a gallery in downtown Macon come Friday night.

The 20 or so topless female and male models there may have on shorts or underdrawers, but some, if they’re comfortable enough, won’t be wearing a thing. Aside from, say, their painters’ acrylics or other colorings.

“I’ve left that up to the models if they want to be completely nude or not,” said artist Daniel Montoute, the man hosting the show. “A couple of them have told me they will be.”

The name of the show is Dark Eden, and Montoute said it is more about art on a “human canvas” than it is sheer nudity.

“The focus is the openness and the comfort with being involved in the creative process,” he said Wednesday. “It’s hip and it’s young and it’s fresh.”

For $10 in advance or $15 at the door, there’ll be free alcohol at the SoChi Gallery on Second Street for the show, which lasts from 9 p.m. until 1 a.m. and benefits a youth mentorship program.

“We’re expecting a huge turnout,” Montoute said.

He said those who attend “will get to watch the full creative process from start to finish” as about 10 mostly local artists brush-stroke their subjects into two-legged masterpieces.

“It is kind of funny when you have to paint under the arms and they get ticklish,” Montoute said.

While the paint dries, he said, “They’ll get to mingle around for a while. They really don’t have to wash it off until they get actually home or whatnot.”

Asked if breaking Macon’s nude-prude barrier might lead to any backlash, he said, “I don’t think anybody’ll be out front protesting, but if they are they’re welcome to protest art if they’d like to.”

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