Contamination under control at Macon Superfund site

Contaminated air at a Macon Superfund site required attention, but the issue is under control, according to a news release from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

The EPA tested 14 air samples at the Freudenberg Texbond facility on the Naval Ordnance Plant Superfund site, now Allied Industrial Park. Of those samples, 13 came back acceptable, but one reflected a concentration of 230 micrograms of trichloroethylene per cubic meter of air in an employee break room. The release described TCE as a “volatile organic compound.”

That level was well over the EPA’s level of concern of 9 to 27 micrograms per cubic meter.

According to the release, the company took steps to increase the air exchange rate once it was informed of the results April 7, which got the saturation level down to 7 and 35 micrograms per cubic meter by April 20 and 21.

“These lower levels, along with the limited exposure durations actually experienced in the employee break room, represent an acceptable risk to site workers,” according to the release.

Further testing will be conducted Aug. 24.

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