How the S-ICD works

Here are some of the differences between a traditional intravenous defibrillator and the S-ICD device offered at the Albert Luce Heart Center:

Traditional ICD

Typically implanted in the left shoulder area, near the collarbone.

Using X-ray imaging, the leads are fed through a vein into the heart and across the heart valve.

Depending on the patient’s heart condition, one or two leads will be placed in the heart. Then they are attached to the heart wall for optimal connectivity.

S-ICD System

Typically implanted on the left side of the chest next to the rib cage, with the lead implanted just under the skin above the breastbone.

The electrode is placed under the skin and delivers therapy without wires implanted in the heart.

S-ICD leaves the heart and blood vessels untouched and intact.

Source: Boston Scientific

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