Patron sues Macon bar alleging she was injured by juggled drinking glass

A woman who alleges she was injured by a falling drinking glass juggled by a bartender has filed a lawsuit against downtown Macon’s The Hummingbird Stage and Taproom and its owner.

Feliciasheonia Hillman contends she was sitting at the bar June 30, 2014, waiting to be served while a bartender juggled thick glasses behind the bar, according to the lawsuit filed July 6 in Bibb County State Court.

At some point, the employee lost control of one of the glasses, and it “traveled through the air,” striking Hillman on her scalp and cutting her. The injury “required immediate medical attention” at a hospital emergency room, according to the lawsuit.

Jessica Applegate, one of Hillman’s lawyers, said the gash required several stitches.

Hillman argues the bar and its owner, Tim Obelgoner, were negligent in failing to properly train and supervise the bartender and for the employee’s negligence.

Reached by phone Friday, Obelgoner said he wasn’t aware of the lawsuit and hadn’t been served.

Hillman is seeking compensation for her injuries, damages and suffering, according to the lawsuit.