Cop Shop: ‘Bad’ woman pounces on employee at Macon McDonald’s

The woman was described as “muscular,” with long, black hair and a Facebook screen name that included the word “Bad.” She walked behind the counter at the McDonald’s at the corner of Riverside Drive and Tom Hill Sr. Boulevard in Macon on June 19. She went up to a 20-year-old woman who works there and tapped her on the shoulder. The interloper said the employee’s name. “Yes,” the employee said, that’s me. That’s when the other woman attacked the worker, “causing several scratches to the area around (her) right eye,” a Bibb sheriff’s deputy’s report noted. The attacker was gone when the deputy got there. The McDonald’s employee said she didn’t know why she had drawn the woman’s ire. The employee went on Face­book and looked up the woman, but the woman’s screen name wasn’t much help to the cops.

A burglar with a brick smashed the glass front door at the Houston Avenue Family Dollar store on June 22. The break-in happened about 3:30 a.m. An estimated $150 worth of candy was taken, including Snickers and Twix bars and Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. A Bibb sheriff’s deputy also reported that several Hershey’s Cookies ‘n’ Creme bars “had been dropped all over the ground.” The deputy, in fact, followed a trail of dropped candy to a nearby yard in the 800 block of West Grenada Terrace, just south of Pendleton Homes. The deputy went to the house there but no one answered the door.

On June 21, a woman who was living in a room at the Bridgeview Inn and Suites motel on Harrison Road in west Macon left for work about 4 a.m. When she returned later that morning, her door was open. She told the cops that someone had stolen about $1,000 cash, two laptop computers and a Colt revolver she’d borrowed from her aunt for protection. “She did not know who would have done this,” a Bibb deputy’s report noted. “However, she stated that she had got into a verbal altercation with a male named Goo-Man,” whose real name and whereabouts were unknown.

Dispatches: According to a Bibb sheriff’s report, a woman on Ponce de Leon Avenue in Macon called the cops June 17 and said a man she’d been arguing with “picked up a lawn bench and threw it” on her Chevy van, denting its hood. ... On June 21, a 24-year-old Macon woman said a man busted a glass table in her living room. According to a Bibb sheriff’s report, he also “dumped (expletive)” in her bedroom. The dumped stuff was trash, not actual excrement, the report noted. The man was mad because the woman’s child had broken his $20 sunglasses. When asked how the man broke the table, the woman said he’d used her purse. “The purse,” she reportedly said, “have a metal piece.” ... An employee at Vineville Christian Towers called the law June 17 to report that a woman who lives there had driven into the parking lot, punched the gas and nearly run over her with a car. A Bibb sheriff’s deputy spoke to the driver, who “was very polite,” the deputy wrote in an incident report, adding that the woman, 83, “informed me she is harmless.” The deputy spoke to the woman and later to the woman’s granddaughter and “explained the importance of safe driving.”

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