Cop Shop: Macon golfer’s shot busts window of moving SUV

A woman who works at Idle Hour Country Club was riding in her Nissan SUV near the golf course there May 21 when a golf ball shattered her front passenger-side window. The smashed glass, she said, left her with several small scratches. According to a Bibb County sheriff’s report, the road she was on runs through the center of the course. A golfer later told her by phone that “while he was in mid-swing he had heard a vehicle driving through the driveway and then shortly after completing his swing he heard glass shatter and he assumed he had broken someone’s window,” the sheriff’s report noted. “She then asked him if he would help her pay for the damaged window, and she stated that his response was, ‘I’m sorry that happened to you, but you shouldn’t have been driving fast. I’m not paying for anything.’” The golf ball was taken to the county crime lab as evidence.

There were “several loud knocks” on the front of a Macon couple’s house in the middle of the night May 26. The couple, who live on St. Croix Drive off Bass Road, turned on all their outside lights to see what was going on. But when they peered out about 2 a.m., a Bibb sheriff’s report noted, they didn’t see anyone. After daybreak, though, the husband found eggshells “scattered across the lawn,” and “multiple broken eggs which were slowly running down the face of their home,” the report said. The woman of the house, 26, told the sheriff’s deputy who wrote the report that she wasn’t sure why her home might have been targeted. She mentioned an Auburn University flag in her front yard, the report said, adding that the couple is “surrounded by UGA Bulldog fans.”

A black 2005 Kawasaki motorcycle blew past a Bibb sheriff’s deputy on Interstate 75. The deputy was running radar on the freeway a few miles or so southwest of Pio Nono Avenue when the bike screamed past about 8:45 p.m. on May 15. The deputy, according to his write-up of the incident, took off after it, topping 140 mph before the rider pulled over near the Pio Nono interchange. The deputy told the motorcyclist, a 27-year-old from Byron, that he was going in excess of 140 mph. The rider, jailed for speeding, replied, “I thought I was only doing 126.”

Dispatches: When a tree fell on a house and a 2004 Acura in the 4100 block of Houston Avenue on May 15, under “Incident Type” on a Bibb sheriff’s report, a deputy typed: “Act of God.” ... A “loud” woman in the lobby at the Macon Marriott City Center was taken to jail in the wee hours of May 18 for refusing to leave after talking out of her head, making comments “about California and then about spacemen,” a sheriff’s report said. ... A woman who lives on Log Cabin Drive told a Bibb deputy that someone kicked in her apartment door May 18 while she was out getting her newborn baby’s ears pierced. ... A 19-year-old Warner Robins man driving a 2006 Chrysler 300 was stopped for speeding and weaving on Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard in Macon. The teen smelled of alcohol, according to a Bibb sheriff’s report of the 1 a.m. incident on May 15, and he was swaying to and fro on his feet. When asked how much he’d had to drink, the teen said, “Twelve Jack and Cokes and six beers. Sir, I am drunk.”

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