Historic Macon seeking nominations of endangered sites

The Historic Macon Foundation is seeking nominations of Macon-Bibb’s most endangered sites or structures.

The deadline is July 3.

Historic preservation agencies across the country create such lists to raise awareness about historic structures and places that are threatened by neglect or possible demolition. The lists help organizations create plans for saving significant historic resources in their community.

Historic Macon is seeking nominations for its inaugural endangered list, known as Macon’s Fading Five, according to a release. The list will be announced in August.

“There is a real need in the surrounding community to identify properties at risk,” said Ethiel Garlington, executive director of Historic Macon. “This list will help Historic Macon figure out what buildings and sites Macon’s citizens think are important and create plans for their preservation.”

Macon has a long history of saving structures, but many of them have also come down over the years.

Just last year, preservationists and developers sparred over the former home of Charles Douglass, a prominent black businessman in the early 1900s for whom the Douglass Theatre is named. The Pine Street home was knocked down and cleared in November as part of plans for a doughnut shop and adjacent parking lot.

The Douglass Theatre itself was saved from demolition in the 1990s by a community group.

The Grand Opera House fell into disuse in the 1960s and was going to be torn down for parking. In 1967, a group of residents banded together and formed the Macon Arts Council to raise money to restore and operate the Grand.

Historic Macon’s preservation committee will use the list to create preservation plans for each of the properties. Properties will remain on the list until the property is no longer under threat or the preservation committee determines that the property has been appropriately preserved.

Eligible nominations should include the following information:

Street address of the endangered property, and name if applicable;

Photo of property in its current state;

Nature of the threat to the property and its current condition;

Name and contact information for the individual or group submitting the nomination;

Any known historical information about the property (year built, architect, past owners, etc.)

Name and contact information for the current property owner (if available).

Nomination forms can be submitted on Historic Macon’s website at historicmacon.org/resources/fading-five. Downloaded nomination forms should be emailed to kcampbell@historicmacon.org with the subject line “Macon’s Fading Five” or mailed to P.O. Box 13358, Macon, GA 31208.