Body-painting show coming to downtown Macon

An art show in downtown Macon next month could give new meaning to the phrase “body of work.”

A live body-painting show is scheduled for July 24 at the SoChi Gallery on Second Street.

The show, titled “Dark Eden,” is set to begin at 9 p.m. and run till 1 a.m. Saturday.

It’s meant to boost Macon’s artistic profile and “tap local unknown talent through unconventional and bold means,” according to a release from the show’s creator, David Montoute.

“Dark Eden is tailored to connect the community through the arts and increase the opportunities for local artists and models in the area,” he said in the statement.

It will “encompass a multitude of artistic styles and mediums, showcasing different cultural influences.”

He added, “Dark Eden engages people of all backgrounds and highlights the impact of art on the community. It offers a place for revolutionary concepts to be displayed. This artistic happening aims to raise the recognition of Macon as a powerhouse of artistic vision.”

A Facebook post earlier this year read in part: “I’m proud to say that some of the most talented artists and sexiest models are participating in this show. Come enjoy the excitement on July 24th and watch as Macon gets a little dark.”

Those who attend must be at least 21. Tickets are $10, a Facebook post said.

The event will help raise money for the Macon Youth Mentorship program.